Sunday, September 22, 2013

Violets Catching Beatle Mania

 Yesterday, I went to Kingwood Center to attend the Ohio African Violet Show and Sale. This year the show theme was Violets Catching Beatle Mania. I'll tell you about the sale later.

I'm going to show you some of the flower arrangements from the judged flower show. The theme of the flower show is represented in the design division. Of course, every arrangement has to use African violets.

This design (left) had to include an entire African violet, the root ball being wrapped in plastic. How awesome is this guitar?

This arrangement also has an entire African violet included in the design.

Yellow Submarine

How fitting that the underwater flower arrangements are called Yellow Submarine.

September In The Rain

An Aglaonema as well as a Japanese maple branch was used in this arrangement. I was appalled that someone could cut a houseplant up for a flower arrangement, but the designer told me the plant had rotted at the soil level and so these stems are being rooted in water. I felt better.

Twist and Shout

September In The Rain

This arrangement also used houseplants in the design, September In The Rain. A golden Schefflera, the umbrella plant (how apropos) and a Ficus were used. I could never be a designer, because I could NOT cut up my houseplants!

This is just the design part of the show. There is also the horticulture part of the show which includes all the African violets, terrariums, dish gardens, and other gesneriads. I don't want to make this too long, so I will show you the African violets tomorrow and tell you what I learned at the seminars from the professional growers. (And I will show you the violets I purchased.)

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