Friday, September 6, 2013

It Can Get Worse

Well, I thought I had seen it all. Yet, when I went to the IGC (Independent Garden Center) show a couple weeks ago, the plant torture was alive and well, and had actually gotten worse.

Painted succulents
These succulents above are painted on the outside, but these new cactus below are worse than painted. They are injected with color and then given growth regulators to slow down the the growth so they have a "longer shelf life". They will eventually grow out but the "in" color will probably have changed by then, so in the trash it can go.  Can you believe it?! The paint flaked off the others, so now they are injecting the poor plants with color. "Its really for the decorators," they told me. Decorators, get some fake plants and paint them. It will last longer and then "no plants will have been hurt in the making of this decorated room."

Color injected cacti

Painted Hoya kerrii

And then there are these beauties. Hoya kerrii leaves painted with flowers. Look! There are even poinsettias for the holidays. How lovely.

Let's not support these crimes against plants by buying these.  Please!


  1. Wow. I missed those. I did see some painted cacti at Walmart the other day. Butt-ugly, I tell you. Who buys that crap???

    1. Kylee. I have an earlier post with pics from Home Depot. I first saw these last year, but can't remember if it was at the IGC or OFA. I was appalled then, but really was upset when I saw them at the stores and they were dead and flaking paint. It never ends.