Thursday, September 19, 2013

National Indoor Plant Week

This week is National Indoor Plant Week. This is every week  for me. I love houseplants and have a jungle in my house, so I'm involved with them every day. I enjoy talking to people about houseplants and I think everyone should have a few in their home. I sent a plant to my daughter's office for her desk this week. It has been proven that plants in the work place add considerably to the productivity of the workers. It will improve her mood and the people around her and give them some fresh oxygen.
Both of my daughters moved out on their own in the last year, and even after complaining about the jungle atmosphere here, they both have plants in their apartments. I don't think they would feel at home without some as they've been surrounded by them since birth. They've both done a good job of keeping them alive and thriving. I tell them its in their blood. 

In the car on the way to the office

On her desk

Houseplants are unique and there is one for everyone and for every home. There are ones for low light, medium, and high light. The key is finding the one that fits the conditions you have in your home. Don't buy a cactus or succulent if you only have a north window. If you have a south or west window with tons of sun, don't buy a spathiphyllum lily or a fern. Try to match the plant to the light you have.

Tillandsias are unique, trendy plants.

I grew up with houseplants and learned to love them mostly from my Grandma, but also my Mom. She had a fern, which I have a piece of and have had for 28 years. It was given to her at her bridal shower in 1957 from my Great-Grandma. I also have a plant I took to college with me, so lets just say I've had it for more than 28 years. My Grandma always had violets in bloom and leaves in jars of water  to make more. She had ferns, amaryllis, bromeliads, and a really large croton.

Grandma's violets

My fern passed down from my Great-Grandma.

Houseplants have been touted as being therapy, and I truly believe it. My favorite thing to do is re-pot houseplants. It is relaxing, and it makes me extremely happy. (My husband wishes less plants would make me happy.....)

During this National Indoor Plant Week go out and buy a house plant and see if it doesn't make you happy. And remember, it is going to clean your air and give you oxygen as well. Its a win, win situation!

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