Saturday, September 28, 2013

My Finds at Kingwood Center


In this, my third installment of the adventure at the Ohio African Violet Show and Sale at Kingwood Center, I will show you the plants I purchased. Yes, purchased. Remember, it is a show and SALE. I would have to say the sale room is the most popular area of the show. At this particular show, the commercial growers are there, including Violet Barn, Lyndon Lyon, Violet Gallery, Cape Cod Violetry, Pat Hancock with her Buckeye hybrids, and Fancy Bloomers.

'Dolores Sugar Candy'

'Irish Flirt'
The sheer amount of plants to choose from is unfathomable. There are thousands of plants to tempt you. It makes the decision of what to buy very hard. I am drawn to the pink and green varieties, as you can see. I had a list of ones I wanted, but even though I didn't find most of the ones I was looking for, I found plenty to make me happy. I only bought a few, hoping I could keep them looking floriferous and healthy. I will confess that I threw out almost all of my violets a few weeks ago. They were looking awful, and I decided to start over. I think  I had too many to take care of  them properly. By only having a few, hopefully the time I do have for them will be enough. Unhappy, unhealthy plants are depressing. Only take on what you can take care of. 

'Halo's Aglitter'

I bought a semi-miniature, a miniature, and the rest were standards. I seem to do well with the minis and so am drawn to them. They don't take up as much room, as well.

'Rob's Boondoggle'

As beautiful as these flowers are, the first thing I do when I bring them home, is cut off all the blossoms. I also isolate them from all my other violets and plants for at least 6 weeks. Even though these plants are from very reputable growers, you never know what unexpected "surprises" may be lurking about. You want to make sure there are no thrips, mealybugs, or any other unwanted problems. By keeping them isolated, you can watch for any of these things and deal with the problem right away before it spreads. You will be happy you did.

'Mountain Snowcap'

Begonia 'Baby Dress'

Violet Barn brings quite a few miniature houseplants as well as violets. I couldn't resist this begonia called 'Baby Dress'. It is a small begonia, only getting 6" tall. I love begonias and had to add this to my collection.
If you can get to this show next year, I would recommend it. Not only is it a great shopping trip, but the gardens are beautiful, the lectures are educational, and the show is fabulous. Seeing all those plants grown to perfection, spurs me on to try to get mine to look as good.


  1. 'Halo's Aglitter' is so beautiful! Congratulations on the purchases :) It's always so much fun!

    To bad you had to get rid of your previous collection... You could have taken a leaf of each of the bad looking plants and start them over again....

    1. Maybe some day I'll have the room to grow them, too.. :) I always enjoyed growing them from "leaf" before.

  2. Hi Rika,
    My violets I threw away were unhealthy and diseased, so I decided to just throw them away and not take any chances of it spreading. I love growing violets! Thanks for your comments.