Friday, September 6, 2013

A Long Overdue Book Review

I have every houseplant book ever printed, I'm pretty sure. My husband IS sure and is also sure the ceiling in our house is going to fall in. Can that happen?..... Anyway, when I saw that a new houseplant book was coming out, I was very excited. Because I work at our family garden center, my time has not been my own, but now that we've slowed down a bit, I can read again.

Indoor Plant Decor by Kylee Baumlee and Jenny Peterson is the book I am talking about. This book is not your usual how-to-raise-a-houseplant book. It is a guide to matching houseplants to your style of decorating. My style is houseplants EVERYWHERE!
Back to the book. So, first you need to choose one of the 8 styles such as World Beat or Peaceful Zen, and then you will find the plants they feel are best for that style. I am definitely not Classic Elegance. No one would ever walk in my house and say, "Wow! How elegant." Just never going to happen. It's more like "Wow! It's a jungle in here!" But really, I am a mix of Cheap Chic, Vintage Vibe, and Modern Eclectic. I have McCoy pottery, flamingos, macrame hangers, and rustic barn wood plant stands. It's definitely eclectic. I've never gone with the latest style, or one style, but most people do, so find your style and follow their directions for some plants that are in keeping with that style. They even have a decor for the man in your life.
Along with good direction for plant style, there is a DIY project with every chapter. I love the cork planters and the Kokedama plant balls. Every chapter also has a helpful box called Do This, Not That, which has some great tips.
Yes, they admit it. They kill houseplants. So do I. Its going to happen. Wrong light, too much or too little water, pests, diseases, pets..etc., etc. It doesn't mean you should give up trying to grow houseplants. Just try a different plant. They give you lists of easy plants, moderate care plants, and divas that need all your attention. Pick a plant that fits your time constraints as well as matching the skill you have with plants. The only negative I saw in the book is the small part where they tell you there are nice fake plants out there for black thumbs. Please don't use fake plants.... You don't have to have a green thumb -just a want to keep something green and alive in your home. There is a plant for you and for your decor, no matter what it may be or how many styles there are.  So if you need help with picking a decorating style and plants to go with it, this book is for you.

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  1. Thank you so much for this lovely review, Lisa! It's high praise from someone who lives and breathes houseplants! Thank you for recognizing what the focus of our book was and what it wasn't, too. That's important!

    I take full credit for that one paragraph about fake plants. Jenny didn't want it in there, but I felt it had to be addressed. So there it is. And you'll notice it's at the very end of the book proper. You know...when all else fails... LOL.

    But I always tell those naysayers who tell me, "I can't grow houseplants," that they indeed can, they just haven't tried the right one and there are many that ANYONE can grow!

    Thanks again, Lisa! Jenny and I both really appreciate your thoughtful review!