Monday, July 29, 2013

Houseplants for Summer Containers

This container at the front entrance of a home is amazing!

 I've attended a few garden tours this summer and I am always amazed by the beautiful houseplants that people have outside. Quite often, the houseplants are used in mixed containers and may not actually be going inside in the fall. I don't normally take my houseplants outside. Many people do, but I'm concerned about what I may bring back in the house with the plants, such as insects and disease. I have too many plants that I could never get them all outside, anyway. I do have about 4-5 plants I take outside, such as hibiscus and brugmansia,  but I do treat them before bringing them back inside. I would love to have some of these containers, but would have to bring them in. There isn't enough room.

Let's take a look at some of these beautiful containers.
Sansevieria with other succulents.

This sansevieria is a great "thriller" in this mixed planting of succulents.

Matching pots in a corner planting.

The Asplenium or Victorian bird's nest fern, looks amazing in the fern print pot.

The ferns and caladium in these matching pots are beautiful in this corner display.

I love how the owner used garden art in this container and echoes the colors of the croton.The coleus and chartruese grass add some extra punch to the combo.

Sago palm in an amazing container!

This is an exceptionally well grown sago palm. I have a feeling this one goes inside for the winter.

I love the way the homeowner uses containers to mask the air conditioning unit. The low light plants include sansevieria, calathea, begonia, and a fern.

Bird's Nest Fern in a mixed planting.

A bird's nest fern used in a mixed container, including begonias, sedum, and a cypress.

A living wall, framed and decorated by owner.

This living wall is mounted on a tree in a fabulous frame and decorated with outdoor fabric by the homeowner. What a great idea! The plants include cryptanthus, sansevieria, hoya, and succulents.

Philodendron planted in the landscape.

These philodendrons are planted in the ground with hostas and huechera. Don't they add fabulous color to this landscape?

This palm is giving the coleus below it some shade.

The creative use of the pteris fern for this statue's hair is genius!

This gorgeous container includes a 'Xanadu' philodendron, a climbing philodendron, iresine, and cordyline. The colors are amazing together.

This burgundy rubber plant is installed in the landscape, adds unusual color and kept people guessing what "shrub" it was.

This begonia was in the dappled shade, planted at waist height in a raised bed.

This is the largest 'Meyerii' asparagus fern I've ever seen. This must go in for the winter.
What a lovely combination on this shady patio. I want to relax with a book on this chaise lounge. The fiddle leaf fig is underplanted with a gorgeous, colorful espicia.
Using houseplants in containers is a great idea, as long as you have room to bring them in, or the ability to not think about the frost that will surely kill them. I have to enjoy them on garden walks because building on another greenhouse to bring all these plants in is not an option.