Monday, March 16, 2015

Window Box Wonderland

Dracaena, Guzmania, Aeonium, Senecio, Kalanchoe, and more are in this window box.

As I continued through the Chicago Flower and Garden Show, I came upon these window boxes full of gorgeous houseplants and more. It turns out that garden clubs in the Chicago area planted these and it is a competition. Each garden club had a 36" window box to use. It would be hard to choose as each one had its own great personality. I love when local garden clubs get involved in flower and garden shows. I understand that this is the first year the garden clubs have been participated. Awesome!

What a great idea to use a spice rack for herbs!

Shamrock, Selaginella, primrose, ivy, and baby's tears are all used in this box
This window box above is all about recycling. They used Kermit to draw attention to the fact that we should not throw our garbage into ponds or lakes. I love how they used cans, jars, and boxes to contain the plants. The plants include baby's tears, ivy, primrose, shamrock, purple passion plant, and an African violet.

Miniature garden window box
The window box above is obviously a miniature fairy garden. The plants include Schefflera, African violet, Fittonia, Kalanchoe, and baby's tears.

Of course, someone had to use the "Fifty Shades" of something theme. It is the hottest trend right now. So, here we have the 50 Shades of Green, with ivy, Caladium, Alocasia, Pothos, baby's tears, white cyclamen, and a shamrock. This is a gorgeous window box and would be an amazing shade window box outside this summer.

I love the hot colors used in this window box. Guzmania, Kalanchoe, croton, Juncus, and Tillansia ionantha are combined very well here.

There is an abundance of plants in this window box. Daffodils, ivy, ferns, and geraniums are all packed into this small area.

How about this amazing window box? The wire vine, ivy, plumosa asparagus fern, Norfolk Island Pine, and Fittonia make this little house and garden adorable. 

Who wouldn't want to get married in this Wayside Chapel? Norfolk Island Pine, Lemon Cypress, Kalanchoe, Hypoestes, Pilea, and an unknown vine make this window box beautiful.

This window box uses some beautiful and unusual houseplants. The two end plants are Calathea rufibarba and the middle plant is a red Aglaonema. The bottom of the Calathea leaves are very soft and fuzzy. It also includes Ranunculus and petunias.

Later this week, I'll show you some more of the flower show including some adorable  miniature gardens. Hopefully, if you live near Chicago, you can make it to this great flower show.

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