Monday, March 24, 2014

It's Spring Somewhere!

I know we've visited the Hidden Lake Garden conservatory before, but I thought we could all use a shot in the arm of color after this ridiculously looooong winter. Here in Michigan, we are ready for some green and warmth, but this is as close as we are getting right now. 
As we entered the show room yesterday, you can imagine from these pictures the aroma that met us. We were in heaven. I hope you enjoy the pictures and it adds a little joy and spring  to your day.

A cart full of amaryllis

Amaryllis 'Misty'

Amaryllis 'Prelude'

Amaryllis 'President Johnson'

Amaryllis 'Flemenco Queen '

Happy Spring!


  1. I'm going to camp out on your page for the next hour ... I can smell spring! Bren

  2. What beautiful colors! Thank you for sharing a mini vacation lol.
    Please hurry spring!