Sunday, March 16, 2014

Copper Spoons

Kalanchoe orygalis

Kalanchoe orygalis or copper spoons is a beautiful succulent with grey undersides and a copper colored topside. The shape of the leaf is definitely spoon like, thus the common name. 
I first saw this plant at a friend's house and was completely enamored. It was some time before I could find one. I don't have a very large one, but it will certainly grow. 

Up close flower

I went to a greenhouse today and saw a much smaller plant than mine, in bloom. Of course, my plant is in my west window, and unless it gets more light, will probably never bloom. That's okay, though. I really didn't know it bloomed until today.

A large specimen at a greenhouse in flower.
The picture above is of a very large copper spoon blooming. You can tell by the white plastic bucket, that it is very top heavy. The bucket is helping hold it upright.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures, wish I was there!
    Beautiful plants:)