Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday Blooms

My dining room corner with Phalaenopsis
I thought I would post some pictures of my plants that are blooming today and a couple that aren't mine. I love Phalaenopsis orchids and their long lasting flowers. I had all my Thanksgiving cactus in this corner of the dining room for the Christmas season. Those went downstairs to grow under lights for the rest of the year. I was hosting bunco last week and so brought down my Phalaenopsis orchids. After they are done flowering I take them upstairs to be put under lights with my African violets. They have been up there since last winter, basking under the lights 12 hours a day. I love how they are all coming into bloom together. I do have a couple left that are still just budding. I should have flowers for a very long time.

Phalaenopsis orchid bloom


Phalaenopsis blooms

Phalaenopsis orchid not completely open

Phalaenopsis orchid bloom

Tolumnia Genting Pink Lady
Today, I went to a local garden center for the Michigan Cactus and Succulent Society meeting. They had a lot of orchids for sale and I was very partial to the Tolumnia above and the one below. I chose the one below and brought it home. Like I needed one more plant.....but how could I resist?

Tolumnia Genting Angel
I only took pictures of the one below. It is gorgeous!
I hope you enjoyed the flowers. Take a trip to your local garden center and see what you can find to brighten your home. You don't have to buy anything, but it is hard to resist.......

Orchid at a local garden center today

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