Thursday, October 2, 2014

Happy Birthday To Me!

My friend Jean and I took a road trip to Kingwood Center again this year to the Ohio African Violet Show and Sale. I had birthday money with me and it was fun to spend. Here is some of what I purchased..... I will show you the plants that aren't African violets later.

 'Pirate's Treasure' African violet 
'Halo's Aglitter' African violet

As I've said before, these aren't plants you are going to find at your local big box or probably even at your local IGC (Independent Garden Center). And it pains me to say that as a member of a family run IGC. #1 Most people wouldn't pay the prices, and #2 Most people wouldn't pay the prices. It is what it is.

'Opera's IL Straniero' African violet

But, as a plant collector, I'm more than happy to pay the prices, which aren't extreme but not your normal $2.99-$4.99 violet. I think that is obvious.
Who could resist these color and flower shapes? Not me! I'm so glad this show is always near my birthday. And though my husband would love it if not one more plant entered our home, his birthday shopping is very easy.

'Queen's Sister' African violet

'Ma's Winter Moon' African violet

'Silverglade Meadows' African violet

As you can see, I love ruffly edges, and pink and green-those two together in the same flower if possible.

'Planet Kid' African violet

The following three violets are minis and semi minis. They are grown under lights on my counter top in the kitchen. I think the small plants and flowers are so cute.

'Little Busybody' African violet
'Fireworks' African violet

I can't stress how fun it is to go to these flower shows. If you can make it to a show and sale in your area, do so. You will see plants like you've never seen before. Take plenty of money!

'Sheer Romance' African violet
'Hawaiian Pearl' African violet

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