Sunday, February 23, 2014

Houseplants Add Pizzaz!

As I perused the orchid show displays yesterday, I was happy to see they were using houseplants to enhance their displays. They mixed well with the orchids and filled in the bare spots. Corners were softened and pedestals were anchored to the bare floor.

In the display above, they used a Monstera to soften the corner and two Dracaena marginata were used to fill the spaces between the bottom row of orchids. 

Here an eyelash begonia, Begonia bowerae was used for some color and pattern. Above it is a burgundy bromeliad which matches the color of the patterned leaves of the begonia. They really have an artistic eye! The sheet moss is used to hide the grow pots of all the plants. The green color really helps make a cohesive display. 

How amazing is the striped leaves of the Aechmea bromeliad above? Tucked under the top pedestal to disguise it is a creeping fig, Ficus pumila 'Curly'. On the top shelf a prayer plant, Maranta leuconeura peeks out from under the moss.

On the floor to anchor the pedestal and soften it at the same time are 3 plants with sheet moss. Included is a bird's nest fern, Asplenium nidus, a begonia and another Maranta.
The houseplants only added to the displays and made them more professional looking and artistic.  

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  1. Beautiful! It's so nice to see blooms at this time of year.