Sunday, April 15, 2012

'Fire Flash'

Chlorophytum amaniense 'Fire Flash'

My favorite colors are green and orange, so it is pretty obvious why I love this plant. This is Chlorophytum amaniense 'Fire Flash', also called the orange spider plant. It was introduced to Florida from Thailand in the late 1990's. It originates in the rainforests of East Africa in the Usambara Mountains of Tanzania. It, like the ubiquitous spider plant, is in the Liliaceae family and is closely related to the aforementioned spider plant, but does not produce runners with babies. It does produce a dense cylindrical spike of white flowers in the crown of the plant. It probably should  be removed so the energy goes into the plant, but when mine flowered, I let it.

Here's a couple of pictures of the spent flower stalk. I didn't remove it, so the seeds matured, and now there are babies growing in the pot.

They haven't grown much. I need to move them into their own pots, but just haven't done it yet. I'm excited to have little seedlings. I've never had a houseplant go to seed and produce new plants. I'll keep you updated as to their progress.

Baby 'Fire Flash'

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  1. Dear Lisa, I have a Fure Flash at home, too. She's a bit old, but this summer she grew seeds (I'm not native, sorry if I misspell some words). So, if you write me (or us) what happened with the babies, maybe some photoes... And please tell me what they need, to grow perfectly. Thank you.