Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Bees in My House

The first time I saw this adorable orchid was at a local orchid show. I was enamoured with it. The bumblebee orchid or Baptistonia echinata, really does look just like a little bunch of bees in flight.

My Baptistonia blooming 2011

Baptistonia at the orchid show

October, 2007

I went through all my pictures and found that I have pictures of this orchid back to 2007. I've had this for quite some time. The pictures of the plant in the small 2" pot is how I bought it and it bloomed every year for me. Then, I decided to mount it on cork. I think I did that about 2-3 years ago and this year is the first time it bloomed since then.

Baptistonia echinata or bee orchid bloom up close

This is a miniature species orchid from Brazil and was named after the Brazilian ethnologist Baptista Caetano d' Almeida Noqueira. It only grows about 6" tall with 1" wide leaves. I have mine hanging on the side of my cupboard in a west window. I water it once a week with my other mini orchids by soaking it in the sink.

My orchid in bud February 11, 2015

I was excited to see the buds emerging in late January, since it hadn't bloomed in a few years.

I have it hanging on a frame of chicken wire near the West window

It isn't completely open here

Completely open looking like bees flying

Most people don't even know these little orchids exist. I have quite a few because I don't have a lot more room for plants. These hang over the kitchen sink and get plenty of humidity and light. I wrote about my other mini orchids here. If you ever get to an orchid sale, check out these little beauties!

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