Friday, January 24, 2014

Praying Mantis are In the House- Greenhouse That Is!

The little praying mantis emerging from the egg case

A picture further away so you can see the size

I'd noticed this praying mantis egg case on my Euphorbia platycada in my greenhouse, but couldn't believe that's what it was. I've seen egg cases at work, on the plants in the nursery, like burning bush and viburnum, but on a houseplant?! How did a praying mantis get into my greenhouse, which is attached to the house. I've never seen one in there, but obviously I  missed it.

One crawled into the pot next to the Euphorbia

The egg case is about the size of a ping-pong ball. I found one at the nursery (we own an IGC) and showed John and he told me what it was. I didn't really believe him and threw it in the trash can. The next day, we had praying mantis babies all over the office.

This one is an acrobat.

The problem with this whole situation, is that they wont' have anything to eat. Of course, they will probably eat each other. Yikes!

It was fun to watch them emerge from the egg case, looking just like their parents only much smaller. I think they are the cutest things!

Full grown praying mantis last summer on my garbage can in the garage.

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