Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Crimes Against Succulents

Red and green living wall for Christmas.

  I have labeled this post "Crimes Against Succulents" because that is exactly how I feel. These "new", "all the rage" plants are a disgrace to the horticultural world. It is the same as using plant shine, as far as I am concerned. Using unnatural materials on your plants clogs their stomata and hinders their food making process  (photosynthesis).

Silver and gold living wall.

The first few pictures were taken at a trade show. Obviously, they were the paint sellers, not the plant sellers. "It doesn't hurt the plant." they said. I beg to differ! It grows out and then you have a bi-colored, unsightly plant. Succulents are definitely the "hot" plant right now, but doing this to them is really a crime. I think they are beautiful just the way they are and if you want to match a plant to your wedding or home decor, do the plants a favor- buy some flowers.

A fall arrangement

These last three pictures were taken at a local big box store. In the first picture you can see the natural plant as well as the painted version. What are they thinking?!  
How attractive! Looks like the wicked witch after melting!
  This second plant looks like it melted like the wicked witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz! 
Didn't get enough paint or it has grown out.

The plant in this  picture has either grown out and needs more paint or it didn't get enough paint to begin with. Either way, it is atrocious! The plants that end up at the big box stores already have an uphill, losing battle to fight, but add paint and they might as well commit suicide before they even get there. You definitely won't find this houseplant lover buying into this horrendous plant torture!


  1. It is so weird and ugly, they have beautiful colors from nature site ;)

  2. Succulents are all the rage right now, and matching them to your decor seems to be the thing to do. It really is unfortunate that people feel the need to cover the natural beauty of the plant.