Sunday, January 6, 2013

Amazing Helpful Houseplants

Pachira aquatica

 I have touted  the air cleaning and therapeutic properties of plants. I have never seen plants used for the purpose I witnessed on HGTV last week. I was watching Extreme Homes and they were in Japan at a very unique home. The homeowners are deaf parents and have 2 hearing children. This obviously is a challenge for them. They wanted a home that would make it possible for them to be able to interact with their children better. What the architect came up with was ingenious. They have 8' holes cut in the floor between the first and second floor. There is protective netting so the kids can't fall through, but can drop small things down to get their parent's attention. That was very inovativer, but the next idea is even better. They have pachira trees growing in pots on the first floor which then grow through the holes between the floors so that their canopies are on the second floor. When the parents want the children's attention or the other way around, they shake the tree and the kids can hear the leaves rustling or the parents can see the canopy moving. They then know they are being "paged". How fabulous is that?! I think it is amazing that the architect thought of it. Isn't it great what plants can do for us? 

I took a picture of this pachira flower on a huge tree in the New York Botanical Garden.

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