Monday, January 16, 2012

African Violets

I think this is My Joy African Violet.
I wanted to share some pictures of my blooming African violets. They are so gorgeous. These were  bought at the Ohio State African Violet show and sale last September. They need to be transplanted into bigger pots, but I just haven't done it yet. These are grown under lights in my basement, so I can transplant them at any time.  The My Joy violet is an Optimara variety and isn't from the sale. There is nothing better than beautiful flowers in the middle of winter to make your day better. Enjoy!
Sunset Kiss

Mermaid Kiss
California Victory
Scarlet Sky

Halo's Aglitter

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  1. Oh Gee, don't tempt me!! I grew lot of Africa violets before getting hooked (pun intended) on cacti and other succulents. African violets really are wonderful plants. When I was a kid we had a nice shady spot in the yard and I use to bed out a dozen or so African violets each summer, always shocked visitors.